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Solar Fire Starter

Solar Fire Starter

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Solar Fire Starter

Staying warm and dry is essential in a survival situation. So having a portable, inexhaustible, and efficient method of lighting fires with you at all times is key if you are to protect yourself and your loved ones in an unexpected crisis.

This portable solar fire starter is the perfect tool for starting a fire to provide warmth, protection and reassurance during a crisis. As military, survival and security experts, we ALL carry one of these wherever we go and we have personally proven its effectiveness in Afghanistan, Iraq and other crisis areas. We actually get a kick out of making fire without using matches or another 'synthetic' ignition source, and it saves our reserves of other ignition means.

You need never be without it, as it is small and compact enough to fit into your pocket, bag, briefcase or rucksack, so no matter where you are, or how unexpected the survival situation, you will always have a reliable way of starting a fire. 

This solar fire starter is a great tool for lighting tinder using the energy from the sun (daylight is not included in the package 😉). Small, compact and lightweight, it makes an essential addition to any survival pack.

  • Just insert tinder in holder (the sun will dry any wet tinder first)
  • Position towards the sun, then wait a few minutes
  • Diameter approx. 9.7 cm
  • Thickness approx. 3 mm
  • Plastic + Aluminum

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