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Survival Water Filter

Survival Water Filter

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Survival Water Filter

The human body can survive for up to 21 days without food, but you will only survive without water for about 3 days. So having a portable, safe method of creating drinking water with you at all times is key if you are to protect yourself and your loved ones in an unexpected crisis.

This portable survival  water filter is the perfect way to maintain a safe, reliable, and continual drinking water supply during a crisis. As military, survival and security experts, we ALL carry one of these wherever we go and we have personally proven its effectiveness in Afghanistan, Iraq and other crisis areas, drinking water from what, to all intents and purposes, were cess-pools of water.

You need never be without it, as it is small and compact enough to fit into your pocket, bag, briefcase or rucksack, so no matter where you are, or how unexpected the survival situation, you will always have a reliable and safe drinking water source to hand. 

  • Safe, drinkable water from almost ANY source
  • Filters up to 2,000 liters of natural fresh water without using any chemicals
  • Easy to use - Connect to a regular soda bottle or drink directly from water source like a straw
  • Safe - 0.1-micron membrane ensures 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria
  • See TUV and SGS testing reports in images
  • FDA approved
  • Impact resistant
  • Ultra-light and compact - fits in the palm of your hand

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